Saving lives in Haiti
since 1989

Donate in honor of Dr. Michael Koster

Click here to learn more about the CollaborativeHasbro Children’s Hospital is a founding member of The St. Damien Collaborative, a partnership of 11 children’s hospitals supporting St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Tabarre, Haiti. The St. Damien Collaborative is committed to supporting the life-saving work at St. Damien Hospital through fundraising as well as volunteering time. Every January, for the last 6 years, residents and faculty from Hasbro rotate at St. Damien, and this year we are hosting two residents from Haiti, Drs. Islande Saintilus and Steeven Joseph, both of whom will be joining us for the fundraiser. Many of our faculty, led by Drs. Michael Koster, Lisa Denny and Beatrice Lechner are actively involved with St. Damien. I ask that you too open your hearts and pocketbooks to help children in Haiti.

Your contribution will be doubled by a generous donor who has challenged the St. Damien Collaborative to a 100k match for 2017.