Your support helps children
overcome poverty and become leaders

MA-NE Junior Board Fundraiser

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Join the Junior Board in their efforts to help our children overcome poverty and become leaders through supporting university education!

Our NPH homes have 369 university students who are striving to obtain their university degrees. Our university education program is a priority to secure funding to ensure our children can pursue their dreams, become leaders, and break the cycle of poverty in their lives. Please join us in making their dreams a reality!

A generous donor will match any gift of $2,500 or more for one to two years! For example, if you make a gift of $2,500 for two years, your gift will be matched for both years, making the total gift $10,000!
 $5,000  Full scholarship (tuition and living expenses)
 $2,500 Tuition cost for one year
 $1,000 Housing for one year
 $500 Cost of food for one year
 $250 Books and school supplies for one year
 $100 Transportation to and from school for three months
 $50 School clothing and shoes for three months
 $25 Spending money for two months



NPH Honduras
International Business

NPH Honduras
Foreign Languages

Make a donation to help cover university costs for Ever and Wendy.