International Volunteer Program Forms

When a volunteer accepts a volunteer placement with NPH, they will be emailed a link to fill out a DocuSign electronic-signature form, which includes all required paperwork for service.

Before you can electronically submit your DocuSign packet, you must first download, print, fill out, and upload to DocuSign the “Volunteer Health Statement” form. This form must be filled out by your healthcare provider and signed in ink. Once the form is complete, you will need to scan or take a picture of it, include it in your DocuSign packet as an attachment and then electronically submit your packet. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for downloading the following form:

*IMPORTANT: We recommend that you keep a hardcopy of this health form, in case you need it while traveling.

There is a detailed checklist on page 19 of the International Volunteer Program Guide that outlines all of the steps that you must take to prepare for your service with NPH.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Foster at 888-201-8880 or