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The Hightower and Kloos Legacy Fund – Current Recipients

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Sophie Herman Sophie Herman is a volunteer in Honduras. She recently graduated as a nurse from the University of Portland and loves being able to improve the quality of lives through healthcare. She is especially compassionate towards people and has a strong passion to help heal people physically, mentally and spiritually. She will use the funds she receives from the Hightower Kloos Legacy Fund to help improve the quality of lives of the children of NPH Honduras who have special needs. Although she has only just begun as a volunteer, she looks forward to helping improve the condition of the special needs homes, with items such as toys and equipment. Sophie would also like to use the funds to implement a program to create jobs, such as selling baked goods, for those with special needs to give them responsibilities and increase self-esteem.

Katie Johnson Katie Johnson is a 23-year-old from Chicago, Illinois, and a graduate of Notre Dame. She has been a volunteer with NPH Bolivia now for 13 months and plans to stay until December. Katie currently serves the home by teaching English and Music in the primary school, giving individual piano lessons to the kids in the afternoon, and organizing a choir that sings every Sunday at mass. She is also in charge of a “Chicas Poderosas” group, which means that she leads a group of 16- to 18-year old girls once a week in a female youth empowerment class. Katie will use the funds allocated to her for a myriad of small, but necessary purchases, such as headphones for the keyboards, uniforms for the kids who participate in choir, material for the Chicas Poderosas program, and to fill every classroom at the school with basic school supplies. She hopes that these purchases will improve the kids’ lives in both school and after-school activities, leading to a more integral education.

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