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Godparent’s Day


Every year, the children of NPH celebrate Godparent’s Day to honor you. They give thanks for the love and support that you provide for them. We cannot thank you enough for your support. Your commitment and generosity truly gives hope to our children.

Godparent’s Day Celebrations

NPH Bolivia

At NPH Bolivia:

Godparent’s Day is a fun-filled Saturday to honor our sponsors through activities and prizes. In the morning, the children gather for face painting with the flags of the countries of their
Godparents. Then the games begin, including ping pong, chess and dodgeball. In the afternoon, there is a celebration lunch with a special blessing from the National Director. The day concludes with an ice cream treat, Sumba workshop and an awards ceremony.


NPH Dominican Republic

At NPH Dominican Republic:

Godparent’s Day begins with mass and prayer in honor of our Godparents. After mass, the children gather at Polly’s Park where they read poems, play games, and sing and dance in celebration of this special day. Then there is a special meal including moro (pigeon peas), chicken and a fruit cocktail. After that, the children work in teams to complete several obstacle courses and win prizes. The day ends with soccer and volleyball tournaments.


NPH El Salavador

At NPH El Salvador:

Godparent’s Day begins in the morning with a blessing and an Olympic Game competition. The children are split into teams that represent the countries where their Godparents live and they partake in different activities throughout the day. Then the finalists of the “How My Godparent Inspires Me” contest make their presentations. Following the awards ceremony there is a special lunch of chilaquiles, soda and popsicles. After eating, the children gather at the chapel for mass in honor of their Godparents.


NPH Guatemala

At NPH Guatemala:

Godparent’s Day begins with sporting activities, such as football and basketball, for the children. Then everyone gathers in the dining hall for Mass and a special blessing, thanking the Godparents for their support. The children show their gratitude by presenting flags and posters they made for each sponsoring country. The day concludes with a special celebration lunch and pictures.


NPH Haiti - Photo by Giles Ashford

At NPH Haiti:

The annual Godparent’s Day celebration begins with a great outdoor mass honoring the Godparents. The children create a festive environment by decorating with balloons and streamers. Then they celebrate their Godparents with singing, dancing and reading poetry. Following a special lunch, the children enjoy special treats such as popcorn, candy and soft drinks.


NPH Honduras

At NPH Honduras:

Godparent’s Day begins with a prayer and inspirational words from the National Directors. The day is filled with the children giving performances, reciting poems and showcasing murals they create with photos and cards received from their Godparents. The children also participate in a “Parade of Nations,” with costumes and flags representing the countries of their Godparents. The day ends with a celebration lunch and goodie bags.


NPH Mexico

At NPH Mexico:

Godparent’s Day festivities begin with a variety of games where the children compete against each other in teams. For lunch, the children enjoy a special barbecue followed by more games that last into the early evening. After getting cleaned up, there is a special mass where the children pray and show gratitude for their beloved Godparents. The day concludes with dinner followed by an ice cream treat and a mini World Cup tournament.


NPH Nicaragua

At NPH Nicaragua:

Godparent’s Day begins with a short prayer for all sponsors and a competition of poetic dramatizations and songs. At noon, a special lunch is served followed by a lot of games and fun. In the evening, there is a mass to give thanks for all Godparents. After mass, the winners of the competition are announced. The day ends with piñatas and ice cream for everyone.


NPH Peru

At NPH Peru:

Godparent’s Day begins with all the children gathered at the soccer field for a special blessing where they thank the Godparents for being a part of their lives. A day of fun activities follows, including relay races, obstacle courses, trivia and eating contests. After all of the prizes are awarded, a celebration lunch buffet is prepared by the caregivers and some of the older children. This special meal includes barbeque and banana splits for dessert.


Bolivian law prohibits us from using photos that show the faces of minors.

Ways to stay connected to your godchild

  • Keep your godchild’s photo in a place you’ll see every day.
  • Visit a local restaurant that serves food from your godchild’s country.
  • Add your godchild’s birthday to your calendar. Send them a card. . . or eat their favorite food in their honor.
  • Wear your godchild’s favorite color and take a picture to send them (and let them know why you chose the outfit!)
  • Rent a movie from your godchild’s country and have a movie night with your family.
  • Listen to your godchild’s favorite singer or music by a singer from the country they live in.
  • Plan a trip to visit your godchild.

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