Saving lives in Haiti
since 1989.

Help us save lives! Contribute to Hôpital Saint-Damien/Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs, Tabarre, Haiti.

Saint Damien Nos Petits Frères et Sœurs, 234- bed mother and children hospital, has been working in Haiti for more than 25 years, providing quality care to the Haitian population, and especially the most vulnerable.

Each year more than 60 000 people receive care at Saint Damien. Among them: 3,000 children are stabilized in the emergency room, 2,400 receive surgical interventions, 1 000 newborns including premature babies are treated in neonatology, 3,500 women give birth in the institution. Hundreds of children with cancer, heart disease, HIV / AIDS, sickle cell anemia, kidney problems, receive specialized care for their conditions.

At Saint Damien Hospital, we believe in access to quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of their financial capacity. The hospital is for many the only option for survival. We are the only hospital caring for children with cancer.

The institution is appealing to you for your donation at the end of this year to continue to serve the population and offer these critical services. Every dollar helps save a life. Your contribution will allow us to address a substantial decrease in the financial capacities of the institution resulting from the current economic situation in Haiti.

Can we count on you? Thank you on behalf of the children and women we serve!
(509) 3753 6601/(954) 9970177

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Examples of what your donation can provide:

 $5,000  Chemotherapy
 $2,600  General aide salary for one year
 $875  Critical care for one week
 $486  Inpatient stay for one week
 $100  Emergency room visit
 $40  Cancer medication
 $21  Hospital meals for one week

Donations to NPH USA, Federal Tax ID # 65-1229309, are tax-deductible as provided by law and subject to our donation disclosure statements.