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Our NPH children need your help more than ever. Our Mid-Atlantic/Northeast region has pledged to help the NPH homes fund these areas of basic needs by December 31, 2016 and are still short approximately $150,000 toward our goal!

For us, the greatest injustice in the world is a helpless child that does not have access to the most basic needs. Help us keep our promise to them by providing them with an education, healthcare, food, and most importantly a home.

While ANY size donation is appreciated and will make a significant impact on our children, a generous donor will match any gift of $2,500 or more for one to two years! For example, if you make a gift of $2,500 for two years, your gift will be matched for both years, making the total gift $10,000!

University Education: $75,000

For our 369 university students, a college education is the last vital key piece they need to break their lives from the cycle of poverty. Help us meet this remaining year end goal in our region by providing a scholarship for a group of students, sponsoring one student, support their tuition cost, or make a general gift to the NPH USA University Scholarship Program. Click here for more details.

General Needs: $77,742

Dominican Republic Medicine needed for the 225 children in December $24,005
Guatemala Clinic & treatment costs for children with HIV $24,191
Haiti Staff salaries in December for St. Helen School that has 963 students $11,810
Honduras Cost in December for the Special Needs Program for children with severe disabilities $10,000
Mexico December costs for personal hygiene supplies & clean drinking water for 550 children $7,736


Donate Now   Sponsor a student

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