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transforms lives.

Fund the Future

As we celebrate our 30 years of support, help us secure the future for the children and families we serve by investing in the programs that allow them to rise and truly transform their lives and communities over the next 30 years!

$10,000:   Invest in Maternity/Prenatal Care
At NPH St. Damien Hospital, there were 7,371 maternity visits and 2,786 babies were delivered in 2017.
$5,000:   Invest in University Education
50% of all youth in Latin America never finish high school. In 2017 alone, NPH graduated 185 high school and 43 university students.
$2,500:   Invest in Girls’ Empowerment Programs
Latin America and the Caribbean have among the highest rates of violence against women in the world. More than 500 girls participate in our programs annually.
$1,000:   Invest in Early Childhood Development programs.
Neurological research confirms the importance of proper care and attention in the earliest years of a child’s life. More than 500 of our youngest children participate in NPH Early Childhood Development programs.
$500   Invest in Vocation Trade Certification
In 2017, 160 NPH students received vocational trade certificates allowing them to be recognized for their abilities in diverse labor markets.
$250   Invest In Nutrition Programs
By maximizing resources NPH can feed each child for about $2.50 a day and ensure proper nutrition. Each home grows their own fruits and vegetables, some raise cattle, poultry, tilapia, and run their own bakeries.