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overcome poverty and become leaders

Fund a Dream

This year our focus is on NPH University students. Education is essential part of the NPH model. As a family, NPH strives to provide every opportunity for the children to succeed in life, and a quality education is an important building block for that success. In Latin America half of all youth never finish high school, which makes a university education unattainable. All children at NPH attend high school or vocational training. Many desire to go on to university. In 2016, 419 children from NPH attended university. A university degree can advance these young adults to the top percentiles in their countries, preparing them to become leaders and engaged productive citizens. Our graduates are not only celebrated, but they are seen as beacons of hope for the younger children to follow in their footsteps.

$10,000   Supports two full scholarships to cover all tuition, books and living expenses for two university students for one year   button-red-donate-150w
$5,000   Provides a full scholarship to cover all tuition, books, and living expenses for a university student for one year   button-red-donate-150w
$2,500   Pays for housing, food and transportation for a university student for one year   button-red-donate-150w
$1,000   Provides all books and school supplies needed for a university student for one year   button-red-donate-150w
$500   Pays for tuition, registration and fees for a university student for a year   button-red-donate-150w
$100   Pays for university entrance examinations button-red-donate-150w