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Fill Their Bowl, Feed Your Soul

No Kid Deserves To Go Hungry.

Children struggling with extreme poverty, loss of family, and/or severe disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean need your help. Soaring food insecurity has led to an increase in children suffering from malnutrition. This has terrible, irreversible long-term consequences on the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children.

NPH has always provided love, access to education, character and skills development programs, and health care. But all these things won’t help if children are not getting ample food, water, and security. “Fill Their Bowl, Feed Your Soul” is a Major Giving Campaign to help us provide babies and children with the food they need to live and grow. We ask individuals, corporations, and foundations to consider a generous contribution to provide the following vital nutrition.

$83,728 – Provides nutritious milk to NPH children for four months
$56,441 – Provides a year of chicken protein to 807 children living in NPH homes
$36,000 – Provides fruits & vegetables for 200 children
$25,810 – Provides a year’s supply of nutrient-dense beans to children in NPH community programs
$15,163 – Provides a year's supply of pantry staples for 62 children
$11,352 – Provides a week's supply of rice for 100 children
$6,970 – Provides cooking oil to make meals for NPH children for two months
$3,123 – Provides a four-week supply of flour to make bread for pequeños
$1,400 – Provides key ingredients to make spaghetti & salad for 100 pequeños
$750 – Provide supply of maize to make tortillas for four weeks for 551 pequeños

NPH USA, Federal Tax ID# 65-1229309, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law and subject to our donation disclosure statements, and will be used where most needed.