Celebrate Family

Like many of our own families, our NPH Family is unique. Our modern, blended family consists of children, caregivers, godparents, donors and friends that don’t share last names, nationalities or cultures. Instead, we are family bonded not by blood, but by love. Our NPH Family may be much larger, more diverse and geographically distant than most, but we share the same values as many of your families: respect, care, trust, responsibility, kindness and service.

The pandemic has brought our family many new challenges. According to the Economic Commission for Latin America, an additional 30 million people in the region are now living in poverty. Alleviating poverty is an essential part of our mission here at NPH. As the poverty rate increases, so does the need for our work. When challenges arise, family is more important than ever. Together, we can get through anything.

This spring, NPH USA will launch our Celebrate Family campaign. We will host several regional events honoring all members of our NPH Family, which includes pequeños and supporters from around the globe. Our goal is to come together and celebrate the NPH Family while supporting our OneFamily, community outreach, nutrition and sustainability programs. These programs are vital to nourishing and sustaining growing families in our community and children in our care.

As part of this celebration, we had our first-ever Taste of NPH, a week-long virtual experience from May 10 – 16, 2021, bringing our family together with yours.

If you make a gift now, you’ll receive access to our Taste of NPH experience!