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Forever Change the Life of a Child in Poverty

Behind each of these handwritten letters is a child who has found themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty, without the essential resources necessary to break free. Lacking access to education, health care, and a supportive family environment, these children face a future where the struggle for survival overshadows the opportunity to thrive.

These heartfelt prayers for the health of their family, daily meals, and safety shouldn’t go unanswered — that’s where you have the opportunity to make a life-changing impact!

For nearly 70 years, NPH has cared for marginalized and vulnerable children across Latin America and the Caribbean. Through the generous contributions of friends, we are able to ensure that more than 8,000 children and young adults have a safe and nurturing place to live, education, clothing, health care, economic opportunity, and a strong family support system. We strengthen families with the resources they need, reunify families, and become families for children who don’t have one.

If their letter has found its way to you, would you consider making a gift to answer their prayer today?

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NPH USA, Federal Tax ID# 65-1229309, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law and subject to our donation disclosure statements, and will be used where most needed.