Our Homes: NPH Dominican Republic

Map_DR_2-72Dominican Republic Facts

18,791 square miles – slightly more than twice the size of New Jersey

10,815,857 (2024 est.)

Spanish, English widely spoken

Marked income inequality, high unemployment, and underemployment; water shortages, soil erosion, deforestation; subject to severe storms from June to October

NPH Dominican Republic at a Glance

January 6, 2003

Casa Santa Ana is outside of San Pedro de Macorís, about 40 miles east of Santo Domingo

NPH Operates:
Family-style home, school (grades K – 11), medical clinic, farm and greenhouse, vocational workshops

Community Programs nclude transitional homes, the Extension San Marcos Program for people with special needs, and the Ambulatory Surgery Center – a collaborative project with our
partner organization, One World Surgery

2023 Impact

659 children and adults supported

184 local people employed

200 K – University graduates

Did you know?

  • In 2004, the bishop of San Pedro de Macoris, Francisco Ozoria Acosta, donated land to NPH on behalf of his diocese. Two adjacent parcels were purchased and construction began on the NPH home, Casa Santa Ana. The NPH family moved to the property in September 2005.
  • The property is on nearly 50 acres and has small family-style homes, each with its own kitchen and garden.
  • Approximately 11 acres are used for cultivation and livestock (pigs and sheep). This provides a healthy, sustainable source of food for the home, reducing expenses and time required to travel to the city to buy food.
  • The baseball field was built and improved by Lindos Sueños, a community outreach program of the Boston Red Sox.
  • Niños de Dios (“Children of God”) in Monte Plata is a temporary home to provide protection, emergency, or short-term care to children and adolescents, focusing on family reintegration. In 2023, a total of 74 children were welcomed in the aftermath of experiencing sad or violent situations. Over the past six years, 236 children have come through the
  • The Extension San Marcos Program provides economic support, food, medicine, and transport to people with limited resources who live with severe disabilities or health conditions.
  • In 2023, the NPH OneFamily reintegration program supported 31 children and young adults who once lived at the NPH residence and now are with biological family. The program is being evaluated and possibly expanded to address the changing needs of children and families.

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