Access to education in Latin America and the Caribbean has always been limited, with an estimated 10 million children excluded from the education system. Vocational and university education increases productivity in the countries where we operate, improving competitiveness and opportunities for youth to join the labor force. That is why NPH invests in high-quality education, from early interventions in pre-Kindergarten all the way through vocational and university educational opportunities.


NPH envisions a world in which our students reach their individual potential whether through higher education, vocational training, or productive programs for students with special needs.

Sponsor a Student’s Vocational Training

Even in the most developed countries, a university education isn’t the right fit for every young person. However, they can stay competitive in the job market by earning technical certifications.

NPH enables children to cultivate their talents and passions through a variety of opportunities, including learning a trade so they may grow to be economically independent and productive members in their communities.

We help children develop different skills through technical workshops. Depending on the country, these technical workshops include carpentry, cosmetology, culinary arts, electrical engineering, sewing and upholstery, hospitality and tourism, and IT.

Your gift of a Technical Scholarship helps cover the cost of tuition, materials, and room and board for students as they earn an advanced title and professional certificate in their technical field after high school. Your gift helps prepare and equip youth for financial independence, having an enormous ripple effect on their families and communities.