West and South Area

Regional Director’s Message

A message from Regional Director Ross Egge:

It has been just over a week since our country once again was faced with how fragile life can be in the face of heart wrenching violence. Children and parents, friends and loved ones, should not have to live in fear of unprovoked violence in places where we should all rightfully expect to be safe. As the reality of these events over the last week sank in for me, I was reminded how permanent that reality of fear is for so many of the children and families we serve before finding their way to NPH. In the truth, even when they graduate and move on from the loving shelter of support we provide, the countries and communities in which those we serve will live and grow remains home to so much of that same uncertainty, fear and violence.

Abbey%20and%20ShastaAnd yet I find myself so proud of the work of NPH, rooted in the kind of love and commitment that can and will make a real difference, not only in the lives of each individual child, but also in the communities and societies of which they are part. It is only through the security a commitment of love can provide that allows for the foundations that children, families and communities need to thrive.

For those of you who have not yet met her, we recently welcomed a wonderful new Development Officer to our team here in the NW, Abbey Laninga! Abbey joins, Glory, Anna and myself to round out our office and efforts together with our Regional Board and NW community of support and partners to ensure this important work continues and more peaceful societies can continue to be built through the smiles, hopes and dreams of children.

We just returned from an incredible trip to NPH Honduras with folks from the region wanting to meet their godchildren and see the work first hand. It was, as always, an inspiring experience giving us all the opportunity to meet and thank those doing the direct work with these incredible children and communities. We met childcare staff, medical staff, the cooks, the farmers, volunteers, and of course all of the beautiful children, providing us a window into the kind of more peaceful world our collective support and efforts make possible for those most in need and most at risk. It truly is transformative, and a gift to see. I am so grateful to all those who travelled with us, sent gifts, cards and donations down with us.


We look forward to sharing more with you about our travels, updates on the work, silly stories about kids, and new heights of success for so many when we next see you! Please come visit us in the office, lend a hand or just say hello.

We look forward to seeing you all as we celebrate 65 years since NPH first began at our Roots and Wings Gala on November 16th and hear from three siblings whose lives were rooted in family and love with NPH since they were young and who now have spread their wings, successfully living lives of purpose and good, giving back and improving their country and the lives of their fellow citizens.

Unrest, challenges and violence continue to effect so many of the communities in the countries where we work. Thank you for keeping the children of NPH in your hearts and the promise of a brighter tomorrow alive.

With gratitude,

Ross Egge