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Regional Director’s Message

A Message from Northwest Regional Director, Ross Egge

As the promise of spring in the Northwest approaches, I am filled with gratitude and hope for our NPH family and the community of support here in our region. Last month we celebrated our Faces of Hope events in both Seattle and Bellevue with incredible success, raising more than $140,000 for the children of NPH and welcoming new sponsors and friends to our NPH family here. Thank you to all who helped make these events so successful.  We are so grateful for all who gave of their time, treasure, and talent, who invited friends and rallied ensure that the promises made by us and NPH to children and families today can be honored and secured for years to come as our children grow, thrive, and transform the world and communities in which they live. A special thank you to all of our wonderful matching donors in Bellevue who helped inspire all of us to our make the greatest impact possible with our support. I want to thank our wonderful speakers, Raul and Megan Gomez, for their inspiration and work in Honduras. And our wonderful Seattle students who shared their truly incredible stories at each of the events, Yomara, Maria and Darich, Thank you!

Face of Hope table

Faces of Hope NW Staff Volunteers and Speakers

Faces of Hope Table 2

The work and excitement continues. Next month, on May 31st, we have our Annual NPH USA Golf Tournament, hailed by those who know as one of the best. If you know someone who golfs, or wants to, encourage them to join us, sign up individually or for a foursome with friends. Great food, drink, fun and games on the courses at Newcastle. And all in support of children in need. You can also sponsor a hole, or the tournament, get the name of your business out there and support a cause that makes a real difference. Sign up to play or sponsor here.

In a world were conflict and division can be found far too easily, I found myself so grateful to be a part of this community here in the Northwest, committed to making the kind of difference that counts in the lives of children, allowing them to craft a better future for themselves and their communities, for our world and for future generations.

Sandy and JoseTwo NPH graduates in Honduras, Sandy and Jose, just got married last month. Sandy grew up in our home in Honduras and graduated university as a Doctor in Microbiology. Jose joined NPH from the community when he was older, already in High school but without family support and without options. He continued his education with NPH all the way through. They are wonderful individuals and a beautiful couple. I feel blessed to know them to have watched them grow over the years. To see the photos of them now brings such joy as they celebrate this new and exciting chapter in their lives. It is a truly beautiful thing and something we can all celebrate as part of the NPH family. Sandy and Jose have completely changed the trajectory of their lives and are now building a family of their own that will never face the same hardship and loss that they did. NPH made that possible.

I just read a quote from Albert Einstein that I hadn’t heard, “Not everything that counts, can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts”. It stuck with me. We certainly track the many successes of our children at NPH with numbers and statistics, but so much of the true impact made possible cannot be so easily quantified. Sandy and Jose’s new future counts. I am excited for them and grateful to all of you. Together we get to be a part of the amazing journey of so many children and youth whose futures are made possible everyday through your generous support and commitment.

In Gratitude,

Ross Egge

P.S. This week we are celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week with special acknowledgment of our amazing volunteers! Last year in our region, we had over 200 volunteers donate 2,400+ hours of their time to our mission! Make sure to check our Facebook to see details on the special individuals who help make our vision of transforming children’s lives a reality!