FAQs about the Vision Trip to NPH Honduras
August 10 – 16, 2021

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. With the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, please keep in mind that some protocol or itinerary plans are subject to change. For example, the U.S. government is currently requiring a negative COVID-19 test to reenter the US; that may change as we get closer to August. We greatly appreciate your flexibility and patience. 


Must I be vaccinated in order to participate in this trip?

Yes, NPH Honduras requires that US visitors be vaccinated in order to protect the children and staff at the home.

Why are minors not Invited to participate on this trip?

Given that this is our first trip back to the NPH homes, we are limiting our visit to adults only. Also, the Ranch’s usual visitor hotel, San Cristobal, is currently being used by NPH university students due to the pandemic. For this reason, we will be guests of One World Surgery’s comfortable visitor center, The Moscati, which, in normal years, is exclusively reserved for medical brigade doctors.


I’m already vaccinated: will I have to wear a mask the whole time during my visit?

Yes, every participant must wear a mask outside of the visitor center, where they will be staying.

Why does NPH require mask-wearing if the CDC has stated that masks outdoors are no longer necessary for vaccinated individuals?

Vaccinated individuals still carry a low potential of spreading the coronavirus on to others. For this reason, NPH Honduras requires that visitors wear masks when interacting with NPH children or staff members. Given the success of COVID-19 vaccinations as well as the loosening of mask restrictions in the United States, it is often easy to forget that other places, like Honduras, continue to struggle with greater numbers of coronavirus infections and poorer healthcare systems that have only a limited capacity for handling severe/critical cases of COVID-19. Only a scant percentage of the country is vaccinated. What is more, NPH Honduras is home to many vulnerable populations and their protection and safety is our top priority. For these reasons, the home enforces stricter safety prevention measures to mitigate risks of spreading infection.


How does social-distancing work during the trip?

All vaccinated guests must socially distance themselves from the children and staff in the first three days of arriving in Honduras (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon). In those first 3 days, guests won’t have to distance themselves from other guests, but they are required to maintain approximately 6 feet between themselves and the staff, kids, and volunteers until Thursday evening.

What will the group do during the first 3 days of social-distancing?

The trip’s itinerary is designed in such a way that the first few days of social-distancing will be spent touring the home, the surrounding community projects, and other cultural excursions, all of which are designated as “low-risk areas,” like La Tigra National Park and Valle de Angeles. Guests will continue to social-distance and wear masks when around locals and staff members.

When will I be able to interact with the NPH kids? Can I hug my godchild?

Starting on Thursday evening (after obtaining negative COVID test results), visitors can begin to join the kids for dinner, chores, and play. For dinner time, you will be able to take off your mask to eat. After dinner, visitors will be expected to put on their masks, again. And yes, you’ll be able to hug your godchild at that point in the trip!


What about COVID-19 tests?

You will be required to take 3 COVID-19 tests during your visit:

  1. The Honduran government requires that all foreigners provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test 3 days prior to departure for Honduras. Each guest will need to procure their own test and show the negative results to their airline, prior to flying. Please speak with your airline for more details.
  2. On Thursday evening, the last day of the trip’s social-distancing period, each guest will be tested at no charge to the visitor. With a negative test result, visitors will then be allowed to fully interact with all kids and staff members for the remainder of their time on the Ranch.
  3. On Friday, an additional COVID-19 test will be taken at the Ranch, 3 calendar day before flying back to the United States. (Note: Unfortunately, commercial flights will not recognize the Ranch’s COVID-19 test results, so a group of technicians from an approved lab will come to the Ranch to take “official, government-approved” tests of each of the guests.)


Where can I find more details?

Our trip form packet, Honduras Travel Guide, and Pre-Departure Orientation information are currently being updated to include coronavirus-related considerations. We will release those documents in the upcoming weeks! Thank you for your patience!

Please feel free to submit any other questions you may have to me, Jennifer Foster, the International Engagement Manager: jafoster@nphusa.org.